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Designs and websites we already rocked

Sorry for the page title – I couldn’t resist a few allusions to song titles. ūüėČ

Maizter Underground - Metal Blog

A fully self-designed wordpress blog where the client can post news, reviews and interviews including media content.
Also the logo design for the website and the social media channels was completely done by us. The customer is happy – so are we.

©Patrick Reos
©Patrick Reos

Tungsten - Band Website Rebuild with E-Commerce Solution

The swedish metal band Tungsten asked us to completely redesign their official website.
Everything you see on this site, we have designed and developed ourselves.

A band homepage packed with everything the fan needs – including a visually appealing merch section.
Tungsten are happy with their new site!

„They really fixed the merch section with ease and speed!“
– Anders Johansson, Drummer

„I love the whole thing, the graphics and functions“
– Mike Andersson, Singer