How do you get the idea to offer web design for metal bands?

I will gladly answer this question for you 🙂

My name is Sven Bergmann. My main job is as a web developer for an e-commerce agency. My everyday life is customers who want to take advantage of the growth of e-commerce or customers who have an outdated site that urgently needs a new coat of paint.

Through my love for metal music, my many years of experience as a musician and band member, I came up with the idea to combine my vocation and my passion.

Unfortunately the websites of most metal bands are not nearly as good as their music. Most of the time you come across outdated pages, bugged pages, poorly presented merchandise with sometimes confusing purchase options that discourage customers from buying and unfortunately very often click and build websites that just don’t look nice Responsive.

Many shy away from implementing an expensive and elaborate web presence – in this day and age, however, such a web presence is damn important to give interested listeners an insight into the band.

I have made it my business to encourage small bands to work with me to create an online presence that is easy to maintain and beautiful to look at in order to raise awareness and merch sales, hopefully leading to faster success.

For a nice, consistent and easy to use design of your new website my wife takes care – who is at home in media design and perfectly masters logo design, as well as image editing for online content.

One of my three dogs Djini, me and my favorite band shirt 😉